Ethereum using benefits:

Ethereum uses the most advanced technologies of the blockchain and have of many flexible mechanisms allowing to use it in the most different directions.

This system represents the distributed virtual machine allowing to develop the special distributed applications.

The Ethereum technology allows make a business even with the one of whom you don't know, because conditions are specified in a smart contacts.

This technology provides much more universal tools for developers, than Bitcoin.

Ethereum provides authentication of users and making of the protected and safe payments.

About company

Sofin is the innovative crypto platform constructed on the basis of cryptocurrency and a platform for creation of the decentralized online services of Ethereum's new generation. This system is realized based on so-called a smart of contacts and works as the united decentralized virtual machine.

Attracting of private investments will allow us to buy more actively capacities for a mining of this perspective currency that will increase in turn earnings capitalization of the Sofin company at many times. We, in turn, will make the stably payments of fixed profit to our investors.

Thus all concerned parties in benefit.

How it works?

To begin to gain the first income with our platform it is enough to make a simple registration and make your first deposit. Or to take a part in the partner program.



Video about us

Just watch this video to understand an essence of activities of our crypto platform.


Official company registration

Key advantages of our company
Proven model

Our business model is proven with mathematical accuracy which provides the most different options of change of the cryptocurrencies market development.

Quick income

Any transactions in the cryptoforeign exchange market possess high volatility and respectively can bear income in the most short term.

Company's reliability

Our company has official registration and excellent reputation on world platforms of cryptocurrencies. Besides, we work only with the verified companies.

Unlimited potentiality

Our platform allows to scale business in any sizes, without putting any frames or restrictions.

Multiple-factor protection

Parallel development of protection technologies and data safety, won't allow you to doubt reliable and technological information security.

Quick development of technologies

Permanently and multivector development of Ethereum technology brings more and more opportunities for implementation of the new ideas, both in business, and in the technologies.

Investment proposals
102%after 1 day
  • Amount: 1$/60р - 100$/6000р
  • Term deposit: 24 hours
  • Deposit: included in the payout
  • Amount: 100$/6000р - 50000$/3000000р
  • Term deposit: 30 days
  • Deposit: included in the payout
Partner program

The Sofin company constantly perfom work on geographical expansion of its presence around the world. One of our tasks is destruction of any markers and boundaries by the geographical and political attribute.

We honnestly consider that any person where it wouldn't be, can become the full-fledged participant of the Sofin crypto platform. For this purpose we created the special multi-level partner program. Any registered user of system can take part in our program.

For this purpose it is enough to be registered on the website and to get the unique affiliate link.